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Employees' Inventions

The German Law on Employees' Inventions is quite unique in the world and its requirements are relatively unknown to our foreign clients. The material consequences which may arise from this law are frequently overlooked, particularly in connection with the acquisition of intellectual property rights from other companies. The German Law on Employees' Inventions came into force in 1957 and has not changed substantially since then. However, the official guidelines that form an important part of the law include detailed regulations that must be carefully observed. Moreover, since the law was not developed by written amendments, but rather by case law, mainly of the "Schiedsstelle für Arbeitnehmererfinderrecht" (Arbitration Board according to the Act on Employees' Inventions) it is difficult to interpret.

Our office is especially experienced in dealing with matters related to the Law on Employees' Inventions and we engage in all aspects of counseling connected therewith.